drFAST is designed to map di-base reads (SOLiD color space reads) to reference genome assemblies; in a fast and memory-efficient manner.
  • drFAST: di-base read Fast Alignment Search Tool
    Currently Supported Features:
    • Mismatches, No indels
    • Paired-end Mapping Mode (FR orientation)
    • Matepair Mapping Mode (FF/RR orientation)

2012-03-20: drFAST version release:

  • Various bug fixes.
  • Issues with paired-end mode are resolved.
  • Reduces disk usage for temporary files.
  • drFAST can now handle both paired-end (--pe) and mate-pair reads (--mp).

2011-05-10: drFAST version release:

  • Translation step is merged into indexing (NO NEED TO USE DRIVER).

2011-03-06: drFAST version release:

  • Minor bug in SAM file has been corrected.

2010-12-22: drFAST version release:

  • First version of drFAST is available.



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